Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fresh Meat 2014 Online Registration

Hello Everyone!

Fresh Meat Online Registration Part 2 will take place this Sunday at 7:00pm!

Please read the following NEW instructions before proceeding to the form. Note that the form for Part 2 has been simplified and streamlined to make it easier to fill out without our in-person assistance, so it is DIFFERENT FROM THE FORM SEEN ON FRIDAY if you were there.

A) This form is for a single exhibitor to register for table space at the festival. Each exhibitor is allotted one-third of a table, a space of roughly 2' by 2.5'.

B) If you are exhibiting with a group, each member must register separately. You will be able to specify which exhibitors you would like to neighbor, so you can be placed with your groupmates. Please be prepared with an already agreed-upon name for your group.

C) Please make sure all information is accurate! Thank you!

For those that are familiar with the previous option given on Friday of sharing your third of the table with another person, PLEASE NOTE THAT THAT OPTION WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON THE ONLINE FORM.  However, you can still share if you'd like, but it does not have to go through the registration process; you may do that in private.  Hopefully this is a lot easier for everyone!

The person you share with does not need to register separately with a form.  They can still email us just like any other exhibitor with their author bio and a piece of their work so we can put it on the website!

The Online Registration Form will go live at exactly 7:00pm this Sunday, April 13th.

Please email us at or message us on facebook if you have any questions!  We will gladly answer them.

Those who register beyond capacity will be automatically placed on the waiting list, and we will email you within 24 hours if you are on the waiting list.

Good luck!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Newsletter: September 6th

Operation: Welcome Pizza Party!

Friday 9/6  6:30 PM • Room 703G

Greetings Allies, new and old!

Get ready for an exciting evening this Friday as we start off the new year with free pizza, mingling, and a rad round of jam comics!

Make sure to read below the cut for more information!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fresh Meat 2013 - Online Registration

UPDATE: Exhibitor Registration is Officially Closed
Follow the instructions below to submit to our waiting list.


Online Registration for Fresh Meat will take place on 

Saturday, April 13th @ 3:00PM

through the following links: 



The form for group registration requires every member's information.  Either have all of your members present to fill out the form together, or have one person acquire all the needed information so they are ready when they fill it out for everyone else.  Below is the information you will need:

Year & Major
Email Address
Cellphone Number
Title of Debuting Minicomic (Optional)

If you have already registered with us in person, please email us your exhibitor icon immediately.
If you are going to register online, please PREPARE your exhibitor icon to be sent to us immediately after your registration on Saturday!

We would like to receive them as soon as possible so that we may display them on the Fresh Meat website.  Below are the specifications for the icon:

          Self-portrait, minicomic cover, illustration, or comic panel, etc.
            (Remember that this image will represent you!)
        72 dpi, RGB
        Max length of 300px (either side)

Email to with subject line: "Fresh Meat Icon - [Name]"

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Newsletter: February 22nd

Operation: Noodles & Noodles!

Friday 2/22  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Greetings Allies! 

Prepare yourselves for a night dedicated to watching raunchy anime while slurpin' instant noodles!

 Make sure to read below the cut for more information!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Newsletter: February 1st

Operation: Art Trading Post!

Friday 2/1  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Greetings Allies!  This week, you will have the opportunity to do art trades with one another! 

Each person will come to the meeting bringing reference of one of their characters, clear enough for another person to draw from it.  We suggest you to try and compile the reference on a single sheet of paper, and to keep it to one character.  Multiple angles, detail shots, and even small blurbs about the character will help other people know more about them and make more interesting art for you.

More info below the cut!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Newsletter: January 25th

Operation: Group Critique Night!

Friday 1/25  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Greetings Allies!

This time of the year, many of you are probably beginning projects or in the middle of them.

If you have paintings or drawing projects you are working on or comic pages from junior thesis or senior portfolio, bring them in for group critique!  A bit of fresh input might help your mind see things in a different light if you are having trouble with something after staring at it for so long.

After Group Critique, we'll announce more fun information about the following week's meeting: Art Trading Post, so don't miss out!

Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!

More events below the cut!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Newsletter: January 18th

Operation: Comics Flea Market!

Friday 1/18  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Greetings, Allies! Do you have comics lying around that you realize you haven't read in a long time and you'd like an opportunity to give them away? 

What other great chance to do so than at the Comics Flea Market this Friday at Cartoon Allies!

Continue below the cut for more info!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Newsletter: January 11th

Operation: Constrained Jam Comics!

Friday 1/11 6:30 PM Room 703G

Greetings Allies!  Get ready for a spring semester filled with exciting events!

This Friday we'll be doing jam comics with a little more jazz.  We'll not only collaborate on jam comics as we have before, but each comic will have rules or a constraint that you have to follow!

Continue below the cut for more info!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall 2012 Digital Projection Comix Reading

Continuing a tradition started by Tom Hart, Cartoon Allies is wrapping up the semester with a public event on December 14th (from 3:30 to 6:30 PM)!

Join us for a fun, relaxing, and often hilarious event where cartoonists grab a mic and read their comics out loud!
Poster by Bethany Torres

Hosted in the SVA Amphitheater (209 East 23rd Street, 3rd Floor), the Digital Projection Comix Reading  is a performance in which student comics are broken down into individual panels and projected on the big screen. Students, faculty, and alumni are equipped with microphones and perform dialogue and sound effects, bringing new life to their comics.

Got stage fright? Try to con other attendees to read your comic. Don't got anything to show? Come watch our sequential art spectacle, and maybe even lend someone your voice!  If you plan on participating, we would appreciate it if you submitted your comic ahead of time (see instructions below).  

Watch the theatrics! Share your comics! Invite your non-cartoonist buddies to take a break from finals!

If you're presenting a comic, please follow these specifications:  
  1. Please submit your files in a zipped folder emailed to with the subject line "Fall 2012 DPCR: [Name]" by Wednesday, December 12th OR bring the files (unzipped) on a flash drive to our meeting on December 7th.
  2. Files must be JPGs, GIFs, or PNGs at 72 dpi, should be no larger than 1024 pixels wide or 768 tall, and named in chronological order (e.g. xxx01.jpg, xxx02.jpg, xxx03.jpg).   
  3. Panel-by-panel sequences, as opposed to full pages, are strongly advised. You can use photoshop to crop and chop your pages into single panel images. It makes the reading smoother and more fun!  
  4. You will have a 5 minute time limit.   
  • TIP: If you're submitting a comic and need another voice help you out in a Digital Reading Duet or even a chorus of people so you can have a new voice for each character, start thinking about who you're going to ask for help! That classmate who reads in that Awesome Reading Voice? Better ask sooner rather than later.
Don't forget to RSVP and spread the word on Facebook!

Newsletter: December 7th

Operation: The Draw Off!

Friday 12/7  6:30 PM Room 703G

Get your markers ready... get set... DRAW!!!

Greetings Allies!  This Friday it's time for some rounds of fun drawing where you can scribble your burdens away!  No need to think about anything... except for the competition!

Continue below the cut for more info!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Newsletter: October 5th

Operation: Pictionary!

Friday 10/5  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Yes, that's exactly what I was trying to draw!  At least someone understands me.

This past month has been amazing and we'd like to thank all of you who attended the meetings. We're going to start off our October with a healthy dose of Pictionary!

Continue below the cut for more info!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Newsletter: September 28th

Operation: Group Critique Night #1

Friday 9/28  6:30 PM  Room 703G

Greetings Allies! It's time for this year's first Group Critique!  We host these about once a month here at Cartoon Allies, providing a space where you can receive constructive feedback from your fellow peers.

 Continue below the cut for more!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Newsletter: September 14th

Operation: Favorite Comic Night
Friday 9/14 6:30 PM Room 703G

Greetings Allies!  To follow up the wonderful turnout last Friday, we'd like to get to know you better by having you bring in your favorite comic book to share with us!  If you don't have your stash of comics close at hand, try bringing in something from the library that you enjoy.

Continue below the cut for more details on what's goin' down this Friday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newsletter: September 7th

Operation: Pizza Jam
Friday, 9/7 6:30 PM Room 703G
Get ready for a fantastic evening this Friday as we start off the new year with free pizza, mingling, and a rad jam comic session!

Continue below the cut for more info, local events, and art credits!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newsletter: The New Year

Cartoon Allies Returns!
Every Friday 6:30 PM Room 703G

There are some things you can't learn in a classroom.

The Cartoon Allies are a vital resource for SVA cartoonists & comics enthusiasts.
Here, fellow cartoonists offer each other a wealth of knowledge about our department, SVA, and the real world. Our weekly events bridge gaps in our community, providing social and professional resources for our student body.

Our mission is to help students learn and explore comics as a medium & a career, and to cultivate camaraderie between cartoonists of all years and students of all majors.

Cartoon Allies meets every Friday to enrich our craft and have fun. We host lectures by comics professionals & SVA alumni, technique tutorials, group critiques, and field trips. We also swap minicomics, make jam comics, screen films, and more! We will continue to get you and your work into NYC's major conventions. Through Fresh Meat, multiple online initiatives, and our partnership with INK Magazine, we are dedicated to promoting student work beyond our campus.

If you want to improve our department and community, we're here to help. We offer students the resources to pursue their goals and revolutionize our department. We need your support and participation to spur real change!

We hope you'll join us in meeting new friends and making professional contacts.

New Events

New panels this year include visits from a French Consulate member (appointed to bring French cartoonists to the US), a chat with First Second's editor and designer, & an introduction to crowdfunding with SVA alumni.

A Stronger Community

Cartoon Allies' foundation has always lain in the ties that bind the SVA comics community. As the publishing world becomes a crazier place, it's never been more important for our student body to stand united, share their skills and goals, and help build the support network that will keep us strong well beyond graduation.

Forging New Alliances

We hope that this year you will extend a welcoming hand to our new students, befriending them and offering your help in their transition to SVA.
CA is the platform for students to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation, along with developing strong friendships beyond the classroom.